Free Medical Clinic Receives a Donation from GE Healthcare


The right tools make a difference. This is true in many job functions, including healthcare. The medical professionals that provide care at the Free Medical Clinic felt like they had one hand tied behind their back trying to provide quality care with outdated equipment.

 The Clinic was in desperate need of a new ultrasound device and GE Healthcare came to our rescue through a donation of a new LOGIQ R7 with four probes. This device will be used in both primary care and specialty care at the Clinic, including women’s care and general surgery. This gift from GE Healthcare will help create positive outcomes for our patients for many years and will help us to continue to expand and improve access to care. 

Kelly Skindzelewski, GE Healthcare’s Community Engagement Leader in the U.S., takes pride in the variety of ways we help people and communities across the country. “All of us make a difference in a moment that matters by volunteering or giving,” she said. “In addition, our company has made some donations to organizations such as this Clinic to help address critical needs within access to care in the U.S.”

GE Healthcare giving strategy prioritizes access to care for underserved populations. Within the United States and Canada all donations requests from the community and customers are submitted through their on-line application for a determination by the Donations Committee.

Thank you to GE Healthcare for their generous donation!

Caryn Little